Atom Issue: Multiple-cursor not working after update

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Hi, I have a this problem. Pressing CTRL + mouse left click is not producing multiple cursors. I totally uninstalled atom. Deleted .atom in user folder. Installed totally new. Didn’t work. Then I installed atom-ide-ui package and then disabled the option in Enable Options. Didn’t work. I don’t know what happened. It seems that it suddenly stopped doing it. Does anyone has any good solution for this problem? I am using Windows 10. And latest version of atom.

Well as our friend Tahir said, in the latest version of Atom you cannot use multiple cursor feature, which is really an important feature to use. Without it, Atom socks! I’ve searched a lot and got a temporary  fix for it.

The solution is to wait for the next release and fix of #20804, but till then, you can use this temporary fix. Open Atom, press Ctrl + Shift + I and move to console tab. Paste code below and press Enter. That’s it.

atom.config.set('core.editor.multiCursorOnClick', true);
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